Chapter Membership Benefits

  • Monthly meetings are fun and with CEU*-approved educational seminars, it's easy to acquire the credits you need for Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) re-certification. Networking opportunities abound, and are an excellent source of information. You'll enjoy exchanging ideas, experiences, and techniques with other payroll professionals.
  • Roundtable discussions are held on current events and help members expand their area of expertise by having access to pertinent information on current payroll and accounting legislation, state-of-the-art technology, and problem solving techniques.
  • Advance your career as a Certified Payroll Professional. You'll have the opportunity to join with study and support groups whose purpose is to help you with the CPP exam. CPP's are in high demand. Start getting the respect you deserve.
  • The chapter can also help you develop your verbal and written communication, decision-making, and project management skills. Learn essential administrative, organizational, and executive skills. Develop the professional demeanor necessary to move forward in your career.

Our Expectations

  • A member shall be actively engaged in or closely related to the payroll function with his or her organization.
  • Our membership is open to any individual from any organization or corporation who wishes to participate and contribute.
  • It is a condition of membership that members share their knowledge and experiences, and make a positive contribution to the Chapter.

*CEU - Certified Educational Units. Meeting speakers, special programs, and educational seminars normally qualify for CEUs, which can be used toward re-certification for Certified Payroll Professionals.



  • Annual Membership: $40
  • Member meeting: $20
  • Non-member meeting: $25